Why You Should Send Holiday eCards for Business

Paper Corporate Christmas Cards are Dead

Why You Should Send Holiday eCards for Business

Client relationships are critical to succeeding in the service-based industry. And such relations are only cultivated through constant communication and show of genuine interest in the well-being of your clients. When you have access to various channels of communication to your customer like telephone, email and probably social media contacts it cabe confusing on what channel to use for a particular purpose. But when it comes to Holiday eCards for Business, you would like to use the most direct and since you don’t want to interrupt their fun only wish them well, email them a customized eCarrd.

Here are five reasons why you should settle for the eCard when it comes to holiday greetings.


You will stand astonished at how fast and easy designing and sending Holiday eCards for Business can be. Given the numerous unique and highly-customizable eCard designs available online, all you need is a message and the email address. It is something you can do while on the move or having a good time with friends. No trips to the office or tedious look out of the client mail address from the zip directory. There are even online companies like Erkada that will present you with several customized eCards, and you get to send the most impressing. Primarily, sending an eCards is one of the client relationship-building techniques that requires minimal effort but with the largest impact.

It allows you to get personal

If you operate in the service industry, you should have noted that clients like it when they sense some level of personalization in the service delivery. You also must have learned a thing or two about them. Let that guide you in delivering one of the most personalized Holiday eCards for Business, and they will live to remember your services for that.

Cost effectiveness

One of the most attractive things about eCards is their cost-effectiveness. Unlike the traditional cards it requires no printing, stationery or postage costs. How long would it take to design and send a customized Holiday eCards for Business to one of your loyal clients? Under two minutes. How much internet would that consume? Now compare that with the priceless value of loyalty that the card inspires in a client. Simply put, eCards remain one of the most cost-effective yet most impacting ways of reaching out to clients.

You can use it to market your business

Unless you are soliciting for new customers, use this opportunity to further market your business. The most efficient method to this marketing is including backlinks and promotional codes on the card. If you have holiday offers or an upcoming branch opening near your client after the holidays, twinkle it to fit in a friendly manner on the card. You can add flavor to it all by making them believe they are among the first to know as this would get them feeling special and owe it up to you and your business regarding loyalty.

When you can’t call them, send them Holiday eCards for Business. They are equally effective in getting your message home. They are fast, and speed and yet have a huge impact on your clients and future of your business.


We are all busy and on the run and people are using mobile devices at unprecedented levels. The internet has made its way into every aspect of our lives and we are connected everywhere and all the time.  By sending a corporate eCard – you’re able to reach everyone everywhere.  Postal addresses change and people are spending more time travelling than ever before in history.  If you haven’t already switched to eCards for Business – then now is the time because snail mail corporate Christmas cards are dead!

May 04, 2018

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