When Should You Send Your Corporate Christmas Cards

Corporate Christmas Cards - Timing is Everything!

When Should You Send Your Corporate Christmas Cards

Christmas comes once every year and so do the various opportunities it accords your business. For instance, you get a chance to make your clients feel special by sending them Corporate Christmas Cards with goodwill and fun-filled festivity messages as well as chance to make important business announcements. But either can only be effective if the card gets to the client on time.

A Christmas card received in long after the holidays will only serve to rattle their wrath. It is, therefore, important that you carefully consider proper timing when sending out Christmas cards and here is a guide on when to send a Corporate Christmas Cards if you are to reap maximally from their efficiency.

At the beginning of December

You all have heard about the importance of a positive first impression. What that phrase doesn’t include is the need to make the first impression first. This implies that regardless of how impressing your Corporate Christmas Cards appears, it will have minimal effect if it is received in the middle of the month with a dozen others. The client might not even get to look at it.

The key to an effective Christmas card is sending it early and ensuring it is highly customized and with a strong message. Any Christmas card will inform the client you think of them but sending it early shows them they aren’t just an afterthought but a valued part of your business. Now that makes a positive first impression.

When launching Christmas offers

Who said Corporate Christmas Cards couldn’t be received mid-November? Nature lays no clear instructions on the appropriate time to send out Christmas cards. Therefore, if your company is launching Christmas offers on your line of products or services, why not start sending your Christmas cards early enough. They will not only be interpreted as a goodwill gesture but will also give them time to prepare for the offers and discounts.

It doesn’t make sense waiting up until a few days to Christmas to start announcing offer and discounts to your clients just because you wanted it to rhyme with the Christmas cards. By this time, even the most loyal customers will have had their holiday arrangements set and most probably not in a position to change them in your favor. Sending them early assures even those that can’t afford your offer they are well-thought. It might end up encouraging them to save for the next year or holiday.

Consider the mode of delivery

When sending out Corporate Christmas Cards through the mail, it is important to consider the efficiency of the mailing company and the shipment location. Ordinarily, if most of your customers live in your neighborhood, you might consider releasing the cards to the company one or two days to the time you want them received. However, if you are dispatching them to regional customers, consult your shipping company on the duration it takes to deliver the posts while taking possible delays into consideration.

Bottom line

Timing is crucial when it comes to sending out Corporate Christmas Cards and hence the need for planning in advance. Consider the effectiveness of your preferred mailing company as well as special circumstances like offers and discounts necessitating early dispatch. Nevertheless, sending them before the festivities kick in is always recommended.

May 04, 2018

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