eCards: a business marketing tool

Paying Attention to Customer Retention

eCards: a business marketing tool

In today’s tough economic times it makes a lot of sense for businesses and marketers to pay attention to customer retention.

Too often the day-to-day struggle of maintaining work schedules means that we are not doing the little things to nurture our customers.

eCards are a terrific way to generate a bit of extra love – with very little effort. They create important ‘feel good moments’ that can mean a real difference to business relationships. I recently spoke to a friend who just sold his home. In the cut-throat world of real estate – he happened to have a real estate agent who had personally called him once-per-month for a period of almost 5 years. Of course – the clever estate agent won the business to sell my friends home.

That said – one phone-call per month per client is a tough ask – especially over 5 years! By using a branded eCard – the real estate agent could have automated the sending of personalised electronic greeting cards to my friend on a myriad of occasions throughout the year to remain top-of-mind. eCard sending occasions like Easter, St Patricks Day, Nenga Jo (Japan), Diwali (India) are a fantastic opportunity to send a card to your clients and contacts *without* any sales pitch attached!

Just a simple greeting card sent to each of your contacts now-and-then can make a world of difference to customer retention!

May 04, 2018

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