7 Ways Corporate eCards Helps Businesses

Levering eCards for your business

7 Ways Corporate eCards Helps Businesses

It’s estimated that 84% of communication will be visual by next year. Companies need to consider this when deciding how to reach out to their clients.

Although social media has taken the marketing world by storm, many businesses use corporate Ecards to engage their customer base. They offer a number of benefits that you may not realize.

With the holidays upon us, it’s a perfect time to consider Ecards. This is a great way to say hello and also promote products and services to your customers.

If you’re a business owner thinking of more ways to market, this is a tool you need to consider.

Let’s dig deeper into the ways Ecards can be beneficial to your business.

1. Target Your Audience

Using corporate Ecards presents a great opportunity to target different clients. You’re not only saying hello, you’re engaging in effective marketing.

The customization you bring to each card reinforces a feeling of relevancy in each recipient. Letting your customers know they’re special to you is a great way to maintain rock-solid relationships.

A great tactic is to send cards that are relevant to a customer’s taste. Include a quick snippet about a product they may want. Or, offer holiday discounts they could take advantage of.

Electronic card services also allow you track who you’ve reached out to and when. Don’t risk leaving anyone out or overwhelming someone with too much email.

When sending corporate Ecards, avoid using the same card for every customer. This is a chance for cheerful marketing. Take advantage of it.

2. Painless Customization

Printed paper cards offer limited choices. But using Ecards allows you complete control over customization. Plus, it’s extremely easy.

A generic company card means very little to the recipient. However, digital customization lets you personalize each card with ease. This personalization will let your customers know you care and has a greater impact.

It’s also easy to add a photo or logo to your card. Doing this on printed cards is time-consuming and costly.

Adding a custom message for each customer is a great way to strengthen your relationship. The digital capability of Ecards makes this process painless for you and your staff.

3. Ecards Are Time Savers

Business is always hectic around the holidays. Creating and sending paper cards is a good way to tie up your staff with time-consuming tasks.

Think about all the steps involved in sending physical cards in bulk. From choosing the design to addressing each one, it will place added stress on your office.

By using Ecards, you eliminate a lot of the hassle. You have the capability to send thousands of cards with the click of a mouse. Another benefit is the ability to schedule delivery for a certain date.

Time is money, especially around the holidays. Let your staff concentrate on day-to-day operations by opting for Ecards.

4. Cost Effectiveness

The holidays are financially stressful for both individuals and businesses. You’ll probably be looking for ways to cut costs to make up for income fluctuations and employee bonuses.

Ecards are a great alternative to expensive traditional cards. Custom designs on paper cards must be created and printed. Add the postal charges of mailing in bulk and you’re looking at a lot of money and time wasted.

Electronic cards allow you to create beautiful, custom designs without the need of a print shop. Investing in an Ecard service means you’ll pay a single fee for the number of emails you need to send. This helps manage cost and avoid unexpected expenses.

5. Corporate Ecards are Eco-Friendly

We are becoming a more environmentally conscious society. This is imperative given the problems the world faces with regard to climate change and depletion of natural resources.

More and more businesses are going green to help reduce their carbon footprint. This makes sense when you consider the amount of energy and materials businesses need in order to operate.

Ecards are a great way for your business to cut down on its environmental impact. By cutting out paper and postal mileage, you help do your part to reduce your carbon footprint. Your environmentally friendly customers will appreciate this.

Plus, many people who have chosen to go paperless are simply throwing physical mail in the recycling bin. You may just end up making a bigger impact with corporate Ecards.

6. Reputation Management

One of the biggest assets a company has is their reputation in the eyes of customers and business peers. Today, businesses that adapt to technological means of communication are more accepted and embraced.

Sending out corporate Ecards shows that you’re forward thinking. Modern approaches to communication will help show that you’re in line with today’s business standards. This instills confidence in your customers.

The personalized touch of an Ecard will also remind customers and partners that you’re a trusted business. Simply reminding them you care will help manage a healthy reputation for the coming year.

7. Stay Cutting Edge

The ways we communicate are changing quicker than they ever have before. Social media and the use of smartphones have changed the way businesses reach people. It’s more important than ever for companies to keep up with modern trends in communication.

When your business sends a corporate Ecard, you’re participating in this new medium of communicating. It presents an opportunity for a customer to see your card at any time on a number of different devices.

It also allows recipients to easily share your card with someone else. The visual element of Ecards is a quick and easy way to make an impression.

Snail mail as a marketing platform has taken a back seat. For your business to compete effectively, it needs to participate in digital communication as much as possible. Ecards help make this happen.

Reaching Clients is Easier Than Ever

In today’s business world it helps to consider all operational processes. Easier solutions could be right under your nose.

As you can see, Ecards are not only cost-effective. They offer a number of additional advantages you may not have considered.

ekarda provides ways to easily send and track the impact of your corporate Ecards. Contact us today to get started.

May 04, 2018

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