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Our incredible range of Interactive Birthday eCards include a fully branded HTML eMail PLUS a full-screen, interactive and personalized HTML5 webpage.

Choose from 10 different music options.

Animated Birthday Streamers

Animated Birthday Balloons

Animated Birthday Cake

Animated Birthday Gift Box

Animated Birthday Flags

Animated Birthday Butterflies

Animated Birthday Bow – Blue

Animated Birthday Bow – Brown

Animated Birthday Bow – Red

Animated Birthday Bow – Green

Animated Birthday Gifts

Interactive Birthday eCards: Music Options

Choose from any of the following music options.

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ekarda is an eCard service designed specifically for businesses.

Add your logo to one of our existing eCards for occasions like Easter, Birthdays, Holidays, Thanksgiving and Halloween – or get a custom card made specially inclusive of your logo.

ekarda helps you to build rapport and strengthen your business relationships by automatically sending the right greeting to the right person at the right time.

Whether sending to 20 or 2,000 or people, ekarda allows you to reach everyone effortlessly with personalised eCards that make them feel appreciated, understood and affiliated with your brand.

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