Are printed corporate Christmas cards obsolete?

Snail Mail vs. Personalized, Interactive & branded Christmas eCards

Are printed corporate Christmas cards obsolete?

Christmas is the most memorable time of the year, and we all agree that it is a very special holiday. It is great to get the Christmas tree and get all the decorations out and decorate it as a family. The holidays bring special times on all of us. The lights are twinkling on the tree, and the fire is crackling in the fireplace.

Going shopping for Christmas gifts and hanging them on the tree, all these can make anyone nostalgic. In days gone by, the crown of Christmas would be sending out Christmas cards and being able to receive some too. That would be the real indicator that Christmas had indeed arrived.

Times have changed however with the advent of social media and the internet. Communication has undergone numerous changes, and some things that we used to do are not done the same way anymore.

The business world has not been left out in the transition to the digital age. People do not seem to send printed cards any longer and the famed printed business Christmas cards have now been replaced by electronic corporate Christmas cards.

It is an established tradition in the business world to send company Christmas cards. They are a fantastic idea since Christmas cards provide you the chance to reinforce your business relations, get involved in the season and send holiday wishes to persons you work together. Here is how your business can use corporate Christmas cards to benefit during Christmas.

Thank Your Customers

Let your clients recognize that they are special to you by sending Christmas cards for Christmas. The holiday card allows you to deliver a personal communication. Your customers will understand that they are important to you, and this will also benefit the business in preserving customer loyalty.

Reinforce Relations with Your Business Associates and Suppliers

Christmas cards are an excellent way to enhance and build the business relationships and convey a corporate Christmas message to company suppliers. It is a fantastic occasion to recognize your working association and spread a friendly gesture.

Christmas Cards for Client Prospects

Corporate Christmas cards can be a tool for marketing your business to potential customers. They allow you to gain exposure for your business out there. Sending cards to potential customers demonstrates that you are thinking of them enough to send a personal message during the memorable Christmas season. The card will also remind them of your presence as a business.

In these tough economic times, we must do what can be done to draw and hold the attention of our clients. This is the reason we have to be very focused with company Christmas cards.

With Christmas cards, we have the chance to be equally unique and relevant. Your corporate Christmas card can enable you to build and forge an emotional bond with your clients. Everyone loves being remembered during the holidays.


A Christmas card can be a fantastic tool for your company to communicate with clients and as a result receive customer loyalty. Any business whether big or small can benefit greatly with this thoughtful gesture. If your clients are made to feel loved and appreciated during the holidays, they are inclined to spend more on your services and products.

So while the printed corporate Christmas cards may be going  obsolete, what will never be obsolete is the warmth that a Christmas card brings to the one who receives it whether virtual or printed.






May 04, 2018

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