9 Reasons to send an Interactive Christmas Card to your Customers

Corporate Christmas Cards

9 Reasons to send an Interactive Christmas Card to your Customers

How worthwhile is sending Christmas cards to your customers for your business? You probably have been asking yourself this question every time the end-year festivities come around. Understandably so, the time and resources spent on the card processing and distribution come as an additional business pressure that is easier to ignore. But before ignoring the idea yet again this year, consider these benefits.

9. Keeping tabs with your clients

The greeting card is another way of establishing your business in a positive light in the mind of your clientele. Consider it a new method of rekindling contacts with your continued and one-off customers.

8. It reminds them of your services

A well-designed as well as customized Christmas card and a special card from a loved one have one thing in common. They both remind the recipient of the sender. A Christmas card will, therefore, remind the customer of your business thus increasing their chances of knocking on to your door the next time they need your services.

7. Illustrates the value you attach to your association

Want to show your customers the value you attach to them and not just the business they bring your way? Consider a customized Christmas card. It makes them happy to know that you care enough to check in with them and who knows, this might translate to more referrals.

6. Announce important business changes

A Christmas card also forms an excellent channel of announcing important upcoming changes to your business such as M&A or change in business name that show an improved way of doing things. Nevertheless, don’t let such information take center stage on the card. Remember, it is a greeting card not a memo.

5. It places your business on display

What do you do to a card that makes you feel special? You put it on display, probably on your working table or embed it on the office wall. That’s what your clients will do to your card; they will display it in their offices thus affording you priceless rebound marketing from friends and comrades.

4. No one ignores cards

Most people have stacks of emails and unopened letters lying on their office desk or safely tucked in some locked drawer. But none of them ignores a greeting card. They are read as soon as they are delivered, making them a great way of getting your customer’s attention, but in a positive way.

3. Solidifying client base

Company Christmas cards are a great way of promoting customer loyalty to your business and brand. Given that it is mainly sent to an existing client base, it forms an excellent way of keeping them subscribed to your products and services.

2. They aren’t viewed as marketing

Most clients will quickly dismiss any direct adverts sent to them even from companies they are loyal to or read them in an uninterested manner. But most don’t view cards as a form of marketing. You should also ensure the company information you list there in doesn’t crave for attention.

1. Consider the timing

For the company Christmas card to have a lasting impact on the customer, plan on the time it is received. In most cases, it will have a significant impact when received at the beginning of the month, rather that when received with a dozen others in the middle of the month.

May 04, 2018

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