3 Practical Methods Of Developing Corporate Christmas eCards

Corporate Christmas eCards 2016

3 Practical Methods Of Developing Corporate Christmas eCards

Corporate Christmas eCards are like a two-sided blade, regardless of which side you pull, it will still serve the purpose. First, the card reminds the client of your business as well as the services you offer and then continues to show them you value them, and that’s why you spent time wishing them happy festivities. If these sound like messages you would like to send your business clients this year end, you need to start consolidating their addresses. But how do you come up with Quality Corporate Christmas eCards and customized catchy messages? Here are three clues on how to get started with designing the cards.

Hire an in-house designer

Don’t devalue the impact of the Corporate Christmas eCards; it is as valid as any other marketing tool. And if your business can afford to hire a social media manager, why not consider an in-house holiday cards designer. If you have received any holiday card, you will note the level of personalization embedded. You will also note that almost all have invested in quality designs, and not just some Photoshop smear.

Remember these cards determine the relationship you have with your customers and in effect the level of sales you are to realize in future by winning their loyalty. Therefore, an in-house designer comes in handy as they gain access to your customer database and can deliver quality customized cards that win the hearts, and eventually loyalty, of your clients.

Free customizable online designs

There are numerous customizable Corporate Christmas eCards available online. You only need basic computer and research skills to hack it. This is the most cost-effective method of sending Christmas cards to your business clients. Come up with a message and address, the theme and design are freely available. The only downside to this is that most don’t have the option of customizing the themes.

Considering the number of companies seeking to send out festive season cards, it is highly likely that several turned to the same site and adopted the same design. This means that no matter how personalized your message might have been it may not achieve the intended impact if the client happens to receive several other similarly-themed cards.

Hire the services of custom designing companies

This is the most recommended method of designing customized Corporate Christmas eCards for your clients. Though you will incur design costs, they are insignificant compared to what your business stands to gain with regards to inspiring loyalty and regular business with your company. Unlike the free designs, the custom made cards achieve their purpose as the designer can never use the design on another group or float them online as free models. Companies like ekarda have already established a name in the industry with unique designs to thrill customers and contacts and engage them with your brand.

Bottom line

There is more to Corporate Christmas eCards than just getting them in the hands of your client; they  have to be quality and unique enough to have a lasting impression. Weigh your options and pockets and decide whether to use an in-house designer, free designs or the hire an expert.

May 04, 2018

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