20 Business Friendly Thanksgiving Message for Clients & Staff

Corporate Thanksgiving eCards

20 Business Friendly Thanksgiving Message for Clients & Staff

Every Thanksgiving season, businesses across the US and Canada are tasked with making sure their customers, employees and staff members know just how valued they are. This is done through various methods, such as e-cards and email. Consider the following messages to send to your dedicated staff this holiday season!

Thanksgiving Messages for Employees & Staff Members

  • This thanksgiving, we give thanks to your hard work and dedication to our customers!
  • We’d like to give thanks for having your expertise and attention to detail. Thank you for being a part of the family!
  • This holiday season, we’d like to thank you for your service to our company!
  • We’re thankful for having such wonderful and dedicated employees. Happy Thanksgiving [business name here]!
  • This Thanksgiving, we’re thankful that you’re part of our family. Happy Thanksgiving [business name here]!

Thanksgiving Wishes to Clients, Employees & Staff Members

  • Well wishes to you and family this Thanksgiving season!
  • We wish you have a glorious thanksgiving!
  • We wish your Thanksgiving is filled with good food and good times.
  • Happy Turkey Day and well wishes [business name here]
  • We wish you all have a wondrous Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Greeting to Employees & Staff Members

  • May all good things find you as we give thanks on this glorious occasion!
  • May we all give thanks for the things that we have and people we love!
  • May your family and friends find good fortune as we all give thanks on this day!
  • May family and friends warm your heart as we give thanks for what we have this holiday season!
  • Every moment of the day is a blessing, including moments working with you! Happy Thanksgiving [business name here]

Funny Thanksgiving Message for Employees & Staff Members

  • We wish you a wonderful thanksgiving with plenty of turkey and football!
  • This thanksgiving we’re thankful for food and all the joy it gives us, we you are as well! Happy Thanksgiving
  • This year we’re thankful for turkey, pie, football and you! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This thanksgiving we’re grateful for food and you! Happy Thanksgiving!
  • This thanksgiving give thanks for fall weather, plentiful food and the day off. Happy Thanks giving [business name here]

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May 04, 2018

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